Lifestyle Lightroom Presets


  • USD: 20.12$

Product – This Lifestyle Lightroom Preset pack consists of:

  • 20 Unique Presets
  • Easy one-click Editing
  • Easy to Install
  • Free to use

Compatibility – This Lifestyle Lightroom Presets pack is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Software.

Features – This Lifestyle Lightroom Presets pack will deliver the best image editing.

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Introduction: Welcome to the Themoodyfire Presets Store. Here you will find Lightroom Presets. It will help you to edit your images in one click. Lifestyle Lightroom Presets is one of our uniquely defined presets pack. It is compatible with almost all your images whether it is for Lifestyle Photography or Travel Photography.

Product Specifications: This Preset pack consists of 20 unique presets which best suits for Lifestyle and Travel Photography. All you need to do is download these presets and Upload them to your Lightroom Application. And it will do the rest. Apply it to your images and see the results. Additionally, It will give warm, moody, color bliss, soft color tones to your images. Also, you can tweak the settings for the perfect touch.

Features: Lifestyle Lightroom Presets is here to save your time and efforts. As we know that the post-processing of any image is important. If we talk about editing an image then we know that it takes time to get into every tool and set the perfect amount. So to save time it will help you a lot. Also, If you are a beginner then it will work perfectly for you to learn to edit photographs.

License/Use: These presets may be used for personal or professional editorial use, including social media. Preset files may not be shared beyond the immediate buyer.

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