How to grow Instagram followers in 2021 organically

How to grow Instagram followers in 2021 organically

The year 2021 belongs to the era of technology. And when it comes to technology then social media platforms are at the top. Instagram is one of them. Also, Instagram is currently having the most of the traffic. So, if we want to establish our online presence we should not neglect this one. Instagram is basically a graphics related to the social media platform. It allows us to share our memories or infographics in the feeds The most important thing on Instagram is to keep our engagements high that will become beneficial for us. Many people on Instagram experience difficulty in growing their accounts. So, we have decided to guide each of them on how to grow Instagram followers.

This guide will definitely help everyone to grow their Instagram account with ease. Instagram growth depends on a few parameters that we must follow in order to grow. Having fewer followers will not help us to establish a bigger audience. And if we are making the Instagram account for our business then having a bigger audience is a must.

We have made a complete guide on how to grow Instagram followers in 2021 organically. It will help you to grow your Instagram account as well as how to increase engagement in your posts.

Let’s take a look at the factors which will tell us how to grow Instagram followers.

Key factors on how to grow Instagram followers

The process of Instagram Growth depends on a few key points. Now if we look at Instagram as a whole then we have to break it down into smaller tasks so that it will become easy for us to understand. These points can be denoted as:

A. Content Related Points

  • Your Profile
  • Bio
  • Niche
  • Content
  • Stories
  • Video Content

B. Engagement Related Points

  • Hashtags
  • Engagements
  • Connections that you build
  • The time you spend on Instagram
  • Insights

Now, we have our smaller tasks that we must look to understand the algorithm of Instagram. If we want to grow on Instagram organically then we must follow each and every step given in this guide. Take your Instagram profile as your personal Gallery where you are going to show your work in such a way that it must attract the audience.

Let’s take a look in each of the pin points briefly.

A. Content Related Points

1. Your Niche how to grow Instagram followers

For people who don’t know what is a niche: Niche is the specialized section of the category that signifies the field of interest of your profile.

For Example: If you want to make a profile for portraits only then your niche is Portrait Photography, If Sports is your niche then you must post only sports-related content, and if Motivation is your Niche then you must posts content that revolves around motivation.

You can mix two niches but it is usually recommended that you must follow one niche in your profile for much better growth results.

This is beneficial in a way that if someone will search for that niche profile that you opt-in then your profile will be displayed as per the ranking of your page.

2. Your Username how to grow Instagram followers

Your username is the brand name of your profile. Whenever you go on the search bar for finding anyone then what do you write on the search bar? Yes, you are right, The Username of that person. Similar way if someone wants to search you then he/she will search for your username.

Now, I know the most difficult thing while creating an Instagram profile is finding a good username for your profile. Here are some tips that you can follow which searching for a username that best fits your profile.

  • Think of Niche that you have selected for your Instagram Profile.
  • Try out words that are relevant to your niche category. For Example mindsetformula, 9tdaysmindset are related to motivation Niche
  • Keep the username in less than 12 alphabets.
  • Do the phonetic test for your username i.e your username when spoken up must be clear and have a single meaning. For example, Do not use usernames like dogshitvideos (Dogs Hit Videos), a few people can take it the wrong way.
  • Do not use Extra numbers if you are preparing for a brand like james23, shutterhub2. Instead, use numbers wisely For example 9tdaysmindset

3. Bio and Display Picture how to grow Instagram followers

When you visit any profile on Instagram the first thing you look at is the Display Picture and Bio section of the profile.

# The Bio section describes what your profile is all about. Make it clear in your bio that what content are you going to post in your profile.

Watch the bio section of both accounts. It is clear from their bio that what kind of content they are going to upload on their respective profiles. Both of them are from Motivational Niche. They have used the main keywords on the bio like Mindset, Success, Motivation, etc.

Key things to mention in your Bio section are:

  • Use 2-3 keywords that are relevant to your niche.
  • Briefly describe your business.
  • Mention your contact details like email.
  • You can mention your location and it is a must if you have your physical presence too.

# Your Display Picture must be clear. If you are making a Personal Brand then you must use your face in the Display Picture. Your Display Picture will act as the logo of your page. Think like this, whenever you see 4 straight rings what brand comes to your mind? Right, it’s Audi. Likewise, whenever a person looks at your Display picture the first thing that must come in their head is you.

Tips on Display Picture:

  • Use your Face as your Personal Brand Image.
  • Use High Definition Photo.
  • Avoid blurry images.

4. Your Profile

Your Profile is the main attraction point. Take it like this, you want to open a shop and you want to grow your business then what will you do? You will decorate your shop in such a way that it should become a center of attraction to everyone. Right? Similar way you have to make such a beautiful profile that it must attract people.

To decorate your profile you have to prepare an aesthetics that should look attractive. An Aesthetic is the look and feel of your profile. Like, you apply a specific color tone to all your posts or you capture something that is of some kind.

Let me share some wonderful examples that you can follow and learn how to make your profile look incredible.

These three profiles are of different Niche and they all are performing extraordinarily well. If you look closely at each of them then you will find anesthetics in each of them that is looking very well and attractive.

Let me explain each of them one by one


This is a beautiful page that posts Flatlays. Go and check them out, visit here – violetsandvignettes. Talking about her profile then look at the details. The background is white in every photograph. You can say that there is a white-brown color tone in her feed that gives her profile an attractive look. Also, you can see there she is trying to explain everything about coffee. She has expertise in preparing a photograph in such a way that it looks beautiful if we look individually and also if you visit her profile then each and every post is in the symmetry of beautiful flatlays.


You can not find anyone who does not likes photography. Or they do not want to look at beautiful pictures. This is an amazing page that posts pictures about nature photography. Check them out by clicking here – worldclicks._. And if we talk about the aesthetics then there is a beautiful green tone present in all the pictures. He also keeps his focus on the sky and waterfalls. These small details in every picture he posts give his profile a beautiful look. As nature revolves around greens so you can not ignore green colors and if you give your profile a look that is connected with your niche then you will definitely get more clicks on your profile.


By looking only at the pictures on this profile you directly get the niche of this profile, Right? Yes, you are right this is a beautiful profile that keeps his updates with Travel Photography. You can visit their profile by clicking here – ashoktantry. As you look closely at the details then you will get that he posts photographs with different locations but one thing is common in every picture and i.e sky, cloud, trees, water, and road. If you are making a profile related to travel photography then you can not ignore these things. This is the perfect example of a great profile that follows beautiful aesthetics in its photographs.

Now, we get a clear idea of what we have to put in our profile. A decent and clear look at your profile will gain much attraction. Do quality content that gives your profile a look which no one can ignore but follow.

5. Content

“Quality over Quantity”

Always follow this quote in your Instagram Profile. You must create content that attracts people to your profile. One Quality content worth over 10 Average content. Focus on the clarity of the images. If it is a Photography account then your object must be clear. If it is a motivational account then the words should be powerful and energetic. Instagram is all about Pictures and Videos. If the quality of the image is degraded then Instagram will not push your content to more audiences. Your image should talk about your sentiments. If your content will not connect with the audience then it is of no use.

6. Stories

Stories are the Center of attraction for everyone. It plays a crucial role in your growth on Instagram. Many people ignore posting stories but this is where they lack. The first and foremost reason why stories worth more than regular posts is this, you can not post all day long but you can post stories in a short period of time. Stories are located at the top of the feeds.

7. Video Content

Video Content has always been the magnet for the traffic in your Instagram account no matter if it is posted in the Stories or IGTV or Reels. It is highly recommended that you must posts videos on your Instagram as well. Video Content tells a story, and when people connect with videos they took interest and they end with following you. We can divide it into 3 sectors where we can post video content.

  • Stories Video Content.
  • IGTV Video Content.
  • All new Reels section.
  • Live Videos.
# Stories Video

In Stories, you can share beautiful short stories that describe the working of your profile. You must do one or two stories every day.

# IGTV Videos

Likewise, IGTV Videos are crucial as you can upload a big video on IGTV. IGTV is known as Instagram Television. IGTV is very useful if you want to show your detailed work to your audience. If you want to share a vlog then you can share it directly with your audience.

# Reels

Reels is a very new section introduces on Instagram. You can post a short video up to 1 minute long. Reels are trending nowadays as people are engaging with reels more than anything. Posting reels in a regular manner will definitely help you in growing your Instagram.

# Live videos

Live Videos are nicer in a way that you get to connect with the audience directly at the same time. Live videos are also helpful for vlogging. It is beneficial if you get live on Instagram and connect with your audience. It will help you in knowing more about your audience.

B. Engagement Related Points how to grow Instagram followers

Now, after we have completed the main topics that are must follow if you want to build a great Instagram Profile. Now the main work starts here for building an audience. Your engagement with your community is as important as building good content. Let’s take a look at the important points that you have to work on.

1. Hashtags

Building an audience is necessary. If no one will find you then how can you grow? The best part where people can find you or the best thing by which you can reach people is Hashtags. There are many hashtags on Instagram that have millions of posts under them and hence more people are there.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to your posts. You must use only those hashtags that are relevant to your niche or your content

Few key points that you can follow are

  • Do not use all 30 hashtags. Using the maximum limit might send your content into spamming. Use hashtags range up to 20-25.
  • Only use relevant hashtags. For example- #dogslover will not help you if you post content about food.
  • Start with lower hashtags in which there is less audience i.e within the range of 10k – 100k posts. Slowly when your content starts appearing on those low hashtags you can increase your range from 100k to 200k
  • Starting with lower hashtags is beneficial as if you use Hero Keywords like #motivation, #food, #photography in which there are millions of posts and every second there are 10 uploads then this might be possible that your posts will fade away in no time.

2. Engagements how to grow Instagram followers

Now, if you want more engagement on your posts then you must do more engagement on other people’s posts. If you only post on your wall and you are not interacting with other people in your community then this is of no use.

If you want a boost in your engagements then do interact with the people present in your community. I personally boosted my growth by appreciating the work of the people present in my community. I gave shoutouts to their content. The more you engage the more reach you will get.

If you like some posts then do like and do comment on that post like this way the other person will get an alert on their profile and they might end up visiting your profile.

3. Connections that you build

Connections are as important as any other task. Most people ignore this part of growth and then they get lesser engagement in their profile. The connection is important as this way you can find out what your audience is liking. What content they are following on their social media.

Some of the main ways where you can build your connections are

  • DMs or Messages: You can directly connect your audience by texting them. When you start your Instagram page you may find difficulties in growing. What you can do is to reach out to other people from your niche who are on the same level that you are. You can also connect with some bigger accounts that you follow and ask them what are the great ways that you can do to grow your account. You can also ask the leaders of your niche that if you are posting the right content or not.
  • Through Comments: When you post your content you will surely get comments from other people who like your posts. You must do reply to them as this is the way you can build your trust with them. And some people can also connect with you if you show interest in their comments.
  • Stories Stickers: This is a simple way to get connected with other people. When you post a story you can put a sticker on it. There are various stickers with which your audience can interact. Like, you can put a poll on your story that what they like or anything you like. You can put the question poll and ask your audience a question, this way they directly connect with you.

Use these simple steps to get more connections in your profile as connections are by far the most important thing on Instagram.

4. The time you spend on Instagram

Yes, your average time you spend on Instagram is important. Instagram looks at these small and simple things to verify if you are an active person or not. If you only open Instagram to do a post and then exit the application then this will not work for you.

Your average time will depend on the activities that you do on Instagram. It is also not like if you open the Instagram Application and leave it open for 2 hours and you will get more engagements, No it is not like that. You have to do activities to increase your average time. The time you spend on liking, commenting, texting other people will calculate the average time that you spend on Instagram.

5. Insights

Always look at the insights you are getting every day. Instagram algorithm changes every few months. The correct way to know what is working for you and what is not working for you is by reading your Insights.

This is a big topic that in what ways you can read your insights as not everything is necessary to look at.

But few of the main points that you must read everyday are

  • Reach: You must look at the reach you are getting every day. As you will be getting data of the reach you get and the numbers will tell you if you are getting growth on your posts or not.
  • Top Posts: Take a look at the top posts in your profile. Which post is working well for you then try to make content like those posts.
  • Locations: Watch the locations that are interacting with your posts. Then try to find out what posts people are liking from that region and then try to make content like them.
  • Age Group: Watch closely what age group people are interacting with your posts. This is highly recommended if you prepare your content and the timing of your posts to be uploaded after reading this insight.
  • Most Active Time: Watch the time in which you are getting the most reach. You can get the estimated reach of every three hours under this section every day.

6. One bonus tip.

Okay, everything on Social Media follows a trend. You know it right. If there is a wave of anything then everyone starts liking those content. These days Reels section is new on Instagram. And as it is new in Instagram then there is very low competition there. If you make more reels every day then you might get an easy audience by posting just on reels. I am not saying that you put content like every other people are posting. Keep your reel content relevant to your niche. Posting irrelevant content will only harm the integrity of your page. Just post one reel every day and see the results.

Conclusion on how to grow Instagram followers

Okay, we have tried to cover all the important points that are important for your growth on Instagram. You must follow all the points that are there under this guide on how to grow Instagram followers. You can reach me out by email or my Instagram profile anytime. Follow these simple steps and then see the results

We will make more blogs like this under Instagram growth in which we will describe all the points in depth.

Stay tuned for more Genuine guides that are coming for you.

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