Hey! I'm Ayush.

I take photos and I teach people how to be better at Photography and Editing.

Photography is a hobby everyone follows. I love to shoot everything that is in front of me. Whether it is an empty street or a beautiful flower. I am very fond of photography since my childhood. Using my camera gear makes me feel like a whole new I am interacting with a whole new world. I have captured many photographs and I did learn that the photography style grows with time. The more you click, the more styles you will find and it comes naturally. I believe sharing my ideas over photography and editing will help you a lot in improving your skills. Speaking about themoodyfire I am very confident as it gives me the opportunity with photography and editing.

I am a Social Media Marketer and I teach people about their Social Media Growth.

Digital Marketing is a field that is growing with insane speed. And all social media are a great platform to showcase your talent. No matter if it is about any hobby or any dream work. I learned about digital marketing and all of its types and I found that Social Media Marketing is something that everyone must know. You can use your Social Media to grow your career. Nowadays you can start anything with the help of social media. You can sell your products with ease. I will teach you how to grow your Social Media easily and build a great audience over it. I will also share about the tips and tricks that I used in Themoodyfire

Ayush Srivastava - Themoodyfire

What Inspires me?

I am inspired by most of the photographers. And I truly believe that there are no defined parameters that can tell about a perfect way of clicking photographs. I always search for photographers and love to talk to them. You can contact me directly from my Instagram Handle or you can submit your Query from the contact form.

My Gears!

Curious about which Gears I use? I have made a list of better gears that are available in the market.