As we know that people love to capture pictures. And, Social Media platforms help us to get connected with each other. Themoodyfire is a great page we manage on Instagram. We create and publish great photographic content on this page. Here we will guide you on photography and editing pictures with ease. So, let’s get started with learning photography, and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Hi, this is Ayush!

Hey! I'm Ayush, owner of Themoodyfire.
• Welcome to my Website. I am a Photographer and Graphic Designer. Here I will teach you various topics on photography and editing. Also, I will provide you my custom presets which will help you in understanding the basics of editing.
• I will also guide you on growing on your Social Networks over Instagram. So, Let's start growing together.

Themoodyfire Presets

We Create Presets Themoodyfire

  • We create presets that help us to save time and effort.
  • Easy one-tap presets
  • Easy to use
  • Helps us in learning Photo Editing

We write useful articles Themoodyfire

  • We write blogs on Photography, Photo Editing, Useful Products, etc.
  • Helps in understanding the basics of photography.
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